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  • 30 Years serving Middle East & India
  • Customer Satisfaction > 90%
  • Employee Retention > 88%
  • 50+ Technology Alliances
  • Software Delivery Centers
  • ~700 Employees
  • Oracle Cloud partner sell and service track
680 +

Our employees empower our customers.

42k +
Working with top industry leaders across the globe
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AI DRiven smart profitabilty solution

Imagine the trajectories of Business Goals, Engineering, Design, and Programming dynamically merging to deliver great software. This is the spirit of Trajectus.

Each project is a unique undertaking. Our goal is to work with our customers to understand your business objectives, engineer a proficient platform, create a beautiful interface, and create clean code. The key to success is ensuring the project’s core business needs are met. We’ll work with you to ensure there is a clear understanding of the core business needs.

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