Bcentriqe.AI NEWSLETTER May ’22

   May ’22

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 Highlights of this IssueSolutions Marketplace LaunchStrategic Partnership with TrackmyshuttleProfitEdge Showcase at AAHOACON at Baltimore, USAProfitEdge Showcase at Arabian Travel Mart (ATM) Conference in DubaiDeepak Viswanath, Former Sr. Executive of Oracle, Infosys, and AWS joins as VP, Sales to grow sales revenue Alakh Verma  Alakh Verma, CEONetworked technology and modern data analysis enables us to gather and use core data about our customers than ever before. Now with the recent technologies of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML), we can establish our customers’ present and future needs with confidence and put them at the Centre of our business. “We are at the state where unprecedented amount of data is available to us. By some estimates, data in digital format is growing at an exponential rate – doubling every two years, changing the way we live and run our business. With digital transformation – powered by mobile computing, social media, Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, analytics, and artificial intelligence, businesses can predict for example, their customers’ needs as they walk into the store, a critical piece of equipment is about to break, or who among their top executives are being lured away. It is no wonder that digital transformation has become part of C-level agenda. It is transforming how we approach our customers, employees, products and services, and the way business is run” – Edy Liongosari, Accenture Technology Labs.
  LAUNCHED SOLUTIONS MARKETPLACEhttps://centriqe.com/apps-extensions/Bcentriqe ProfitEdge Solutions Marketplace brings niche industry vertical solutions across industries to enrich ProfitEdge for Gross Operating Profitability (GOP) by maximizing revenue and optimizing costs.Customers get benefits of fully integrated solutions and eliminates the complexities of data access from various applications in silos.Partners would get enhanced visibility and marketability with ProfitEdge that addresses the challenges of overall profitability of business leaders in the current economy.Bcentriqe ProfitEdge Solutions Marketplace is growing rapidly with a phenomenal response from the niche apps and solutions providers.  
 TrackMyShuttle signs partnershipTrackMyShuttle streamlines shuttle operations with effortless automated tracking and simplified route planning, assuring trustworthy ETAs and smoother guest arrivals.The strategic partnership with Trackmyshuttle has given a step forward to our AI based business profitability system with industry leading Trackmyshuttle app on smart devices to track their hotel pick up and drop off to and from Airport. The association also solidifies commitment to serve customers in the hospitality sector with our AI powered profitability system on smart devices”, said Alakh Verma, CEO, Bcentriqe.AI.“We see huge potential of ProfitEdge-AI and Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) based solutions with our smart app to track shuttle to keep guest updated, says Bhavin Parikh, Co- Founder and CEO. “The combined solution will provide customers with predictable insights, profitability, and smart transport and shuttle fleet management.” 
   ProfitEdge Showcase at AAHOACON, BaltimoreAAHOA is the largest hotel owner’s association in the nation. The AAHOA Convention & Trade show attracts the most innovative industry professionals, leading politicians, business leaders, and entertainers as speakers and session leaders.Bcentriqe’s ProfitEdge has been presented exclusively for hotel owners at the nation’s largest event. We had many interactive discussions on boosting business profitability and enhancing customer experience. Our CEO Mr.Alakh Verma showcased ProfiEdge to the hoteliers at The Baltimore Convention Center, Baltimore, MD, United States. ProfitEdge Showcase at Arabian Travel Mart (ATM), Hotels, Travel, and Tourism Expo, DubaiArabian Travel Mart (ATM) Hotels, Travel, and Tour Conference and Expo is one of the leading conferences for the hospitality industries recently hosted and organized in Dubai, UAE. Many global Hoteliers and Hotel Management companies participated with their grand display. Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia (KSA) was the limelight of the expo with their relaxed culture and aggressive investment for their travel and tourism. Bcentriqe’s ProfitEdge has been presented exclusively for hotel owners at the nation’s largest event. We had many interactive discussions on boosting business profitability and enhancing customer experience. Our CEO Mr.Alakh Verma participated in the expo showcased ProfiEdge to the hoteliers. He also had many significant engagements with a few large hotel management companies that would lead great business soon.
Deepak Viswanath, a former Sr. executive of Oracle, Infosys, and AWS joins as VP, Sales and Customer Success

We are proud to welcome Deepak Viswanath in the Management team, as Vice President, Sales and Customer Success based in Santa Clara, CA, usa to lead the global Sales and Customer Success.

Bcentriqe is poised to grow the revenue rapidly globally. Deepak is currently hiring for aggressive Sales Leaders in Dubai (UAE) for the Middle East and Africa and in the North America region.

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